Haxe vs OpenFLV vs FlexSDk vs HaxeFlixel

Haxe is a programming language. It is similar to java code, you write the code in Haxe and
the haxe will convert the the haxe code into source code from another language depend on the flag you gave to the compiler. You can start coding haxe by using text editor and command line.
You can write your game using haxe alone, just like you can write games using assembly language but it is not really practical.
That why you need low level graphic API such as LIME and the Flash API frameworksuch asOpenFLV. Lime is a light weight media engine. ITs is part of OpenFLV project. This api handle crossplaform API to handle drawing routine, asset loading and pixels. Its also make interfacing with OpenGL. Lime is cross platform compiler, where you can get output target for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. OpenFLV is a high level layer API that support flash API.
As you know that flash is no longer supported by Adobe and almost dead on mobile device.
OpenFLV is  open source and it is kind a similar to Flash Action Script where you can write Flash Content (SWF) using it. OpenFLV have similar functionality like FlexSDK.
You can also use high level framework such as HaxeFlixel that handle collision, state ,control and camera.HaxeFlixel is the most popular haxe game framework layer. HaxeFlixel support Nape Physics, Colission detection support, tweening and camera. So you can simply use HaxeFlixel to write you games.
There are plenty of library, tool and middleware to write a game nowadays, you should choose tools and framework that suitable for project budget and schedule.
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