Learn the Basic Unity 3D Shuriken Particle System

You can create amazing particle effects with the famous Unity 3Ds Shuriken Particle system. We love the power of unity3d particle system to build games effect on the fly. The engine run pretty fast even on the low end devices. From our experience we can say that Unity3d provide the best platform for 3D games.

 Its provide with plenty of API that can be programmed in Javascript, C Sharp  and Boo. We quite impress with the particle system and its can be programmed to be called from the code. The unity particle system is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Its have a lot of functionality and setting. You can build the particle system by click games object menu -> create other -> particle system.

   By default, Unity3d will provide you with the basic snow ball effect that move in random direction You can modify the effect in the main properties.  We can change the start size and colour to change the effect immediately.


 You can change the render effect by changing render mode to billboard, stretched billboard, You can also change the shape of particle by changing the mesh shape in render mode.

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