Best Jason variant deck which got me to 4000+ trophy



Jason variant deck is based on  Clash Royale first ever physical tournament set in Helsinki, Finland. Jason come out as winner from 200 participants. He win by using just one deck . The deck use Giant (5 Elixir) as a tanker which form a strong combo with archer , hog rider and even spear goblin. The idea is to use giant as a tanker and meat sheield againts support troop and use Hog Rider as a counter attack and deal with huge damage by himself. It is a good idea to start with Elixir collector (6 elixir) even after recent big nerf. 

This deck is also known as Poision Giant deck in the past, since recent Poison big nerf (remove the slow down effect). It is a good idea to replace poison with Archer, Princess or even arrow. 




Use Giant and hog rider push as your main winning condition. Play defensively until you know their counter to your giant and hog rider. When you have elixir collector and elixir advantage, use giant or hog rider with archer and minion hordes. 

Always start with princess in at the back of your king tower and wait for the opponent respond. If he use the arrows to wipe the princess, use the minions horde and hog rider for sudden attack.


Offensive Combo

Hog rider + Spear Goblin

Giant + Archer

Hog rider + Minion Horde.



Elixir Collector

Use elixir collector to gain Elixir Advantage.


How to Play againts other deck.

Lava Hound: When your opponent put Lava Hound at the back of his tower, attack other lane with giant and barbarians for big and sudden push. You should get the tower down before the lava hound reach your tower. Support with goblin spear and archer if necessary.

Giant Lightning: Defend giant push with the barbarians and counter push with your own giant. Put your elixir collector wisely. 

Miner + Minions/Goblin bait: Hardest matchup, defend againts minion and goblin with your spear goblin or archer in the middle of your arena. Just ignore the miner damage and start counter push with hog rider. The best defend against miner is to ignore the miner.

Graveyard freeze: Use Barbarians as a defend against graveyard and start the counter push with giant and support troop.

Three musketeer: If you know that your opponent use three musketeer, always save your barbarians and put it on top of three musketeer near the bridge and start the counter push.

Golem: Just play defensively with barbarians and use elixir collector to give your elixir advantage. When you have enough elixir launch your own big push. 

Royal Giant: Just play defensively with barbarians and use elixir collector for elixir advantage. 


Deck Weakness

Weak againts miner zap baits, building spammer and sparky. But do not give up, you still can win againts this deck if your smart and lucky enough.


Best Jason variant deck which got me to 4000+ trophy Best Jason variant deck which got me to 4000+ trophy Reviewed by Admin on 12:42 PM Rating: 5

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