How to use bandit deck effectively.



If you are lucky enough, you might get bandit legendary deck. Click here for more info about this card. I am to show your how to use bandit card effectively and counter much the deck.


Start the deck with tanker of knight and put the electro wizard behind the knight. You can also use goblin for sudden attack with just 2 elixir cost.


Use inferno tower for defend. Support the inferno tower with knight and electro wizard and start counter push. You can also use Poison spell to counter your enemy attack. Use bandit to counter push with its dash attack. You can use the log for your defend. Goblin is also a good defend for high hit point troop.


Always use counter push as your main strategy. Put electro wizard behind knight and use bandit to dash your oppenent tower and your should be able to get 1 crown win. You can also use the miner as offend and defend.

You can also pair bandit with goblin for sudden attack with knight as tanker.

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