The best Golem deck for 2v2 mode

Golem is the strongest tank in clash royale which cost 8 elixir. It is very high cost but very useful in 2v2 player mode.  It is a good idea if you have elixir collector in your deck. Elixir collector is not necessary in 2v2 mode, you can replace elixir collector with rocket spell.

In the early games, play defend and take some damage, but not too much. Start your game slowly and you should put the Golem at the back of your crown tower. You will creating  a strong push now, with your partner elixir advantage. Put as many support troop behind your Golem. You should have undestroyable push and make your enemy panic.

This deck is the new OP in 2v2 mode.

The best Golem deck for 2v2 mode The best Golem deck for 2v2 mode Reviewed by Admin on 4:46 PM Rating: 5

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